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Note: the graphic says "google rank" even though it is Youtube. This is because didn't update their layout. 
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    • Starter Plan
    • $47Normal Price: $85
    • Ranking 1 Video
    • Targeting 1 Keyword
    • 2,000 Guaranteed Views
    • 100 Guaranteed Likes
    • Advanced Plan
    • $87Normal Price: $120
    • Ranking 2 Videos
    • Targeting 2 Keywords
    • Keyword Research Included
    • 4,000 Guaranteed Views
    • 200 Guaranteed Likes
    • Business Plan
    • $147Normal Price: $200
    • Ranking 3 Videos
    • Targeting 3 Keywords
    • Keyword Research Included
    • 10,000 Guaranteed Views
    • 500 Guaranteed Likes
    • Enterprise Plan
    • $297Normal Price: $400
    • Ranking Up To 5 Videos
    • Works With High Comp Keywords
    • Keyword Research Included
    • 50,000 Guaranteed Views
    • 1000 Guaranteed Likes

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How Does This Work?

Finding The Right Keywords

If you don't already have the keywords you want to rank your video for we will do a detailed research and provide you with the most profitable keywords you have ever seen.

Analyzing Your Competition by Reverse Engineering YouTube

We will take a look at what your competition does by reverse engineering youtube and we will find the weak points of your competitors so we can use them to rank your video higher


We will Provide You With The Magic Title,Description & Tags you will need in order to rank. All you have to do is to to copy and paste them into your video and you will see an increase in rankings. For new videos this guarantees first page ranking in almost all cases.

Sit Back And Let Us Do The Work!

Now you can sit back and watch your videos getting ranked on the the first page for your keywords. We will do the last necessary secret steps in order to actually make your video blow up. Of course we will provide you with reports on the ranking throughout the whole process. Enjoy your new rank and the traffic coming from your videos!

Would you simply like to get the Perfect Title, Description & Tags for your Video? Click Here!